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Created on 2011-12-29 03:21:45 (#1316273), last updated 2011-12-29 (303 weeks ago)

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Name:Fandom Trades
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Trade fanworks (icons, fanfic, fanart etc) for DW points (or LJ points, if you really want)! Trade points for fanwork! Note that this is not a selling comm - please look elsewhere for that. Also, trading DW usernames is against the TOS, so please don't do it here!


There is one main rule here, and that is don't be a jackass. Or, in other words, don't harass other people, don't bring wank here, don't flake on your half of a trade, don't claim other people's work as your own.

Things that will get you strikes
-Harrassing other people
-Making deliberate false complaints to the mod(s) about other users

Things that will get you banned
-Three strikes
-Claiming other people's work as your own
-Failing to follow through with your end of the trade (will be commuted to a strike if you eventually follow through and give me proof)
-Joining on a new account to circumvent a ban

I cannot be everywhere, so these are somewhat reliant on community reporting!


Put [Offer] or [Request] in your subject line, and tag your post with that and the type of fanwork requested/offered! Here are some handy-handy HTML forms:

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